Manions' Coaches - School Timetables

Manions' Coaches school bus services transport students from Greens Beach, Kelso, Clarence Point, Beauty Point, Beaconsfield, Rowella, Sidmouth, Deviot, Paper Beach, Gravelly Beach, Frankford, Birralee, Bridgenorth, Winkleigh, Holwell, Glengarry, Exeter, Rosevears, Grindelwald, Legana and Launceston to Beaconsfield Primary School, Exeter Primary and High Schools, all Riverside Schools, Newstead Schools including Scotch (both campuses), Newstead College and Launceston Preparatory School. Including services to Launceston for connection to all other schools. For timetable and bus service information, please see below, or if you have any questions about a service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

School Timetables

Launceston Schools

Newstead Christian School AM (Morning)

Newstead Christian School PM (Afternoon)

Launceston Church Grammar School Junior AM (Morning)

Launceston Church Grammar School Junior PM (Afternoon)

Launceston College AM (Morning)

Launceston College PM (Afternoon)

Launceston Preparatory School AM (Morning)

Launceston Preparatory School PM (Afternoon)

Newstead College AM (Morning)

Newstead College PM (Afternoon)

Sacred Heart College AM (Morning)

Sacred Heart College PM (Afternoon)

Scotch Oakburn College Junior AM (Morning)

Scotch Oakburn College Junior PM (Afternoon)

Scotch Oakburn College Senior AM (Morning)

Scotch Oakburn College Senior PM (Afternoon)

Riverside Schools

Launceston Christian School AM (Morning)

Launceston Christian School PM (Afternoon)

Riverside High School AM (Morning)

Riverside High School PM (Afternoon)

Riverside Primary School AM (Morning)

Riverside Primary School PM (Afternoon)

St Anthonys Catholic School AM (Morning)

St Anthonys Catholic School PM (Afternoon)


Beaconsfield Primary School AM (Morning)

Beaconsfield Primary School PM (Afternoon)

Exeter High School AM (Morning)

Exeter High School PM (Afternoon)

Exeter Primary School AM (Morning)

Exeter Primary School PM (Afternoon)